Turning Points in Technology

1879: Analogue imaging science

At its inception in 1879, ILFORD developed high precision, multi-layer coatings for photographic media. The ILFORD experts at this time were able to grow silver halide crystals and prepare emulsion and solution to create coatings. As is still true today, ILFORD also had expertise in the way that dyes react with photographic media, with capabilities including the ability to synthesise photo dyes.

1985: Digital imaging revolution

The introduction of digital photography in 1985 represented a monumental change for the photographic industry. In response to this ILFORD inkjet media was born, as the company began to use its multi-layer coating capabilities for coating media with polymer layers. The discovery of how inkjet media responded to printing was crucial, and the ILFORD team of experts pioneered the synthesis of inkjet dyes and inks.

1997: New era of nanotechnology

Soon after inkjet photographic media was developed, another major change took place within photographic media, as polymer-based coating gave way to nanotechnology. In a transition almost as big as the move from analogue to digital, ILFORD began to develop nanoporous layers with metal oxide coatings and surface treatments, keeping ILFORD at the forefront of the digital imaging revolution.

2001: The nanotechnology evolution continues

ILFORD progressed further into imaging by applying its expertise in nanotechnology to the development of functional films. It began to design hybrid multi-layer coatings, which employed nanoparticles and combined optical functions. The resulting offering to the imaging industry was high gamut, high gloss layers and multi-layer optical films.

2012: ILFORD Imaging, the tailor of the imaging industry

Today, ILFORD is able to coat extremely fine layers onto a diverse range of substrates to the highest quality and consistency for both the imaging and non-imaging industry. The highly automated finishing facility further extends the company’s capabilities as it is able to supply a range of packaging options to meet customer demands. ILFORD is able to offer its customers a tailor-made solution to match their requirements and its professional approach has put the company in a strong position with an enviable customer portfolio.

2014: A continued focus for professional imaging products.

At ILFORD we don’t make paper for photocopiers. Nor do we make paper for illustrators. We love photography and for over 130 years, ILFORD has been dedicated to the technology of image-making.

We continue to focus on product development dedicated to offering professional photographers, educators, students, and printers the world's finest image-making products that aim to leverage the ILFORD heritage and expertise.