XU MING is a professional photographer from Shanghai, China.

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

It does not matter whether a child becomes an artist, but whether we still pay attention to the world around us. When we are young, the world is unknown to us, waiting for us to explore it; when we grow up, the world is no longer our concern. In other words, as we get older we sometimes lose our instinct to perceive the world much like we did as a child.

XU MING overcame this loss of instinct by observing the world through the lens of his camera. Photography forced him to observe this world in the most original way, just like when he was young child, to persist in each question and to aspire to his own answer.

In 2005, XU MING went to Japan and started his career. He loved recording mostly nature and the socio-culture environments of other countries. Travelling overseas for long periods of time taught him to appreciate and better understand the world, which ultimately enabled him to understand his own “hometown”.

XU MING’s believes while forms of civilization differ from each other, they are also repeating the same themes, which are develop, climax and decline. It is XU’s ability to capture this through his lens that makes his photography both grounded and intriguing.

In the next century XU suggests the biggest challenge we face is the unification brought on by evolving machinery & information technology and the struggle between detachment and anti-humanization.

Through his tiny lens XU is trying to discover the direction to this new world from tiny perspectives, and to find a balance between being happy and being satisfied.


“No doubt ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl is the perfect paper for documentary photography, the color gradations are smooth and the blacks are rich and beautiful. ILFORD will always be my first choice.”