Platinum Super Gloss

Key Benefits 
  • 1.5mm metal photo panel
  • Super high gloss finish
  • Superb clarity and depth of colour
  • Excellent durability
  • Scratch and water resistant
Product Code: PSG.1K
Product Description 

ILFOCHROME Platinum Super Gloss metal photo panels have a unique coating that produce a highly durable photo print.

ILFOCHROME is perfect for colour images that have vibrancy and depth as the finished panel offers superb clarity and impact. The Platinum Super gloss has a very high gloss finish that provides additional vibrancy and colour to the final image.

During the production process, the dyes impregnate the unique coating on the photo panel and this results in an image which has excellent longevity and resistant to fade.

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ILFOCHROME Platinum Super Gloss is available in the following sizes:

10.16cm x 10.16cm

14.80cm x 21.00cm

20.32cm x 29.74cm

21.00cm x 29.74cm

29.74cm x 29.74cm

29.74cm x 42.00cm