Christian Lim

Born 1976, Manila, Philippines, Christian Lim started in digital photography in 2008 and has a passion for landscape photography having spent much of his professional photography career discovering the diverse landscapes of New Zealand. While most of his counterparts in his native Philippines travel inland, Christian saw an opportunity at the onset of his career to take his talents to a global market instead.

Christian is a pioneer of the International Photo Landscape Travel business in the Philippines having brought amateur photography enthusiasts to Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Taiwan, Italy, France and the USA.

A professional Marketer with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, Christian has over 20 years experience in various Multinational Companies as Brand Manager and Marketing Director.

Christian is a well-known and popular landscape photographer and is proud to represent the Philippines in the global arena. Published in DCMag and Digital Photographer in the UK. Christian is also one of the more well-known Landscape photographers with many of his work showcased on 500px.

Now part of the Iceland Photo Tours Team he brings his creativity, hard work, terrain and planning knowledge to help aspiring artists achieve their goals faster through a no-nonsense learning approach. Make no mistake about it, Christian is serious about his work yet he is a fun-loving individual, great to have around in any tour. He is also a technical mentor, having conducted advance landscape photography workshops in the Philippines, the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.

Christians landscape photography comes to life perfectly when printed on ILFORD ILFOCHOME, the colors just pop with amazing detail, depth and saturation.

Works hanging in the Philippines, Iceland and New Zealand.

Published in Digital Photographer PH and UK, Digital Camera UK amongst others.

Brand Ambassador for NISI Filters.

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