Single Use Camera

Key Benefits 

Film Format: 35mm (pre-loaded)
No of exposures: 27 exp
Film Speed: ISO 400
Optical Lens: 31 mm – F=11, 1 element
Focusing: Focus Free – 1m –  ∞
Shutter Speed: Shutter 1/125s
Viewfinder: Field = 70%
Flash: Built-in – 15s recycle time
Power Source: 1AAA Alkaline Battery (pre-loaded)
Dimensions: 110mm (W) x 55.3mm (H) x 33.5mm (D)

Product code: 2005154

Product Description

The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR Rapid single use camera is pre-loaded with 27-exposure ISO 400 colour negative film. The fast film combined with a built-in flash makes the ILFOCOLOR Rapid a versatile performer, delivering great results outdoors and indoors in low light as well.

The camera features an optical viewfinder – essential when shooting in bright sunlight. It’s equipped with a fixed-focus wide angle (31mm) f11 lens. Shutter speed is 1/125 sec and delivers sharp images down to 1m.

It’s pre-loaded with an AAA battery, with a 15-second recycle time for low light shooting and fill flash in bright daylight.

It’s a great way to trial the distinctive look and feel of film without breaking the budget!

Technical Specifications

Optical Lens31mm, F=11 , 1 element
FocusingFocus Free, 1m – ∞
Shutter SpeedShutter 1 / 125s
Flash TimeBuilt-in Flash Push Switch – 15s recycle                            
Film Transport: Manual wind and rewind
Film Speed:ISO 400
Film Format:35mm colour (pre-loaded)
View Finder:   Field = 70%
Power source:1AAA – Alkaline Battery (required)
No of Exposures27
Weight: 122 grams
Dimensions:   110mm (W) x 55.3mm (H) x 33.5mm (D)


The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR RAPID Single Use Camera is not designed to be reused or repaired.

The ILFORD ILFOCOLOR RAPID Single Use Camera is not intended for professional or commercial application. If the product fails to function properly we will refund or replace the camera upon its return to your local reseller. Faulty returns must be received back within 30 days of purchase date.

Please keep the camera out of direct heat, high humidity, sand and water which may impact image quality. Do not drop or throw the camera as this may damage the internal mechanisms and cause the camera to malfunction.

Store in a cool, dry place when not using. Please ensure you develop your images before the expiry date. If the film is expired image quality cannot be guaranteed.

ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH offers no further warranty beyond the replacement of the camera as mentioned above.