Janyne Fletcher

 “I love how these papers render my images in crisp detail but give added weight and mood to my own creative expression of the dramatic mountains and sunbaked plains of Central Otago”

Janyne Fletcher is a creative fine art and landscape photographer from the Maniototo region of Central Otago, New Zealand.

As a photographer she wants to do more than just document a landscape but have the courage to add life, layers and her own creative inspiration to the images she captures. Janyne has focussed her energies on capturing the solitude, isolation and beauty of the remote location of her adopted home. She captures the different characters and moods of the region in her own style. Recurring themes of story telling, graphical shapes and found objects are shown throughout Janyne’s work.

A crucial element of Janyne’s creative process is her passion for printing and framing all of her own work.  This process of “playing” and perfecting her final images with different media, mounts and framing is of vital importance to her.

Janyne’s creative approach and commitment to producing award winning photography has earned her a number of awards and a growing reputation for contemporary New Zealand art. She has also been recognised as a Grand Master of the the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers, the Institute’s highest distinction and is starting to share her life and photography story in speaking engagements.

Since 2016 Janyne has operated from her workshop and gallery on the main street of Ranfurly, a small rural town in Central Otago. She also shares her award winning work with a wider audience through her website.


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