Maggie Sung

Photography is to seize and interpret every special moment and emotion, light creates the atmosphere. My style is rich with changes and texture, so it’s critical that my prints also convey my style and expression. ILFORD Galerie papers delivers on this promise and more.

Maggie Sung started taking photos at the age of 15.

A professional photographer based in Taiwan, Maggie has also travelled around the world as an adventurous backpacker. These cultural and tangible experiences have allowed her to have an open mind when creating stunning photographic moments.

She has the ability to capture the emotion and unique traits of her subjects, whether it be for a wedding, portrait or commercial assignment.

Maggie has a love and enthusiasm for photography that is expressed in a natural, delicate and graceful way. A meticulous photographer, she achieves rich atmospheres using texture and light to create her vision.

MAGGIE is not only a brilliant professional photographer, but also a photography educator.

In 2010 she started teaching lighting techniques for portrait photography, using various styles and unique lighting setups to convey her concepts and skill. Maggie also encourages her students to learn different shooting techniques, to then create their own style.

She regularly teams up with peer professionals in creative activities and has actively participated in cross-border shooting jobs.

Most photographers pursue a consistent and unique style. Yet Maggie prefers to shoot a diversified style which pushes her to improve and challenge herself. This also allows her to incorporate elements from different styles such as commercial advertising with her wedding photo shoots, resulting in amazing “performance of vision” creative outcomes.

After many years of shooting, Maggie continues to push the limits of her photography. She has recently put an emphasis in professional color management to ensure her creative vision is also been met with high quality

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