Wesley Wong

Wesley specialises in giclee fine art printmaking and art reproduction work. He is a Master Printer and founder of Giclee Art Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

His business endeavor takes him through an exciting journey in photography dating back to 2005. Wesley primarily started in digital photography over a decade ago and he seeks to reproduce what he sees from captured in print. In his quest for a better print, he constantly seeks out suitable camera systems which can fulfill the technical requirements for his printmaking work.

Incidentally, Wesley’s printmaking endeavor started with ILFORD, with his paper of choice being the ever popular Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl product, on his first large format printer the Epson Stylus Pro 4000.

Choosing the right paper for your image makes all the difference in the final presentation, and this is one of the reasons why partnering with Ilford has given him the unprecedented advantage in both quality and prestige in printing with his clients.

Wesley is also an X-Rite Coloratti Master, the first Southeast Asia EIZO Ambassador, a Profoto Premium Club Trainer and Sigma Camera Key Opinion Leader.

His profound knowledge in digital photography, color management and digital printmaking has made him as one of the most sought after trainers in his region and he regularly conducts live demonstrations, to teach the art of from “Capture to Print” including the techniques required for high quality art reproduction.

Papers of Choice