William Long

28 years ago, in August 1985, ILFORD believed in me enough to sponsor my first dance photography exhibition, with film and paper.  I’m thrilled that almost 3 decades on ILFORD have chosen me to be an ILFORD Masters. I’ve been using ILFORD materials all of the 38 years of my photographic career.  And while I may use a wide range of products, I know I can always rely on ILFORD materials for complete consistency. My first choice of inkjet paper is the ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl.

Australian Photographer, Speaker and Educator, William Long is regarded as one of Australia’s most awarded photographers.  Receiving numerous major photographic prizes and honours both nationally and internationally, including his recent “Quadruple Gold Bar – AIPP Master of Photography”, his highly esteemed “Queensland Professional Photographer of the year” and “British Portrait Photographer of the year”.

William was equally delighted when he received recognition for his excellence in Photography with a Fellowship by the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and then again with his Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

Born in Rochford Essex, William trained as a professional classical ballet dancer from the tender age of 6 and by his thirties was touring the worlds stage as a principal dancer with a major classical ballet company, The Scottish Ballet.  It was William’s disciplined lifestyle combined with his ability to clearly understand composition, emotion and his gift for bringing a story to life, that saw him easily build on his other passion of Photography after a crippling back injury suddenly brought his ballet profession to an end.  His innovative collection of work now, not only encompasses the technical diversity of dance, but has seen him build on this to establish himself as a well accomplished artist in all photographic genres.

As a result of William’s extraordinary skill, attention to detail and talent for creating consistently astounding imagery, his multifaceted photography career has seen him not only granted Commercial, Illustrative and Portrait photographer of the year several times over, but has also seen him regarded as a top 5 UK Dance photographer and a top 5 Australian Architectural photographer, (re Capture Magazine).

Williams illustrious career has spanned almost 4 decades and has seen him rise to the pinnacle of the industry, gracing the pages of hundreds of publications internationally including THE NEW YORK TIMES, SOUTH CHINA NEWS and TIME magazine.

As an internationally recognised speaker, William has spoken professionally all over the world for the past 17 years and continues to use his talent to educate, guide and inspire other photographers at every level both locally and worldwide though his mentoring programs, workshops and online groups.

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