From useful guides and FAQs to a back catalogue on discontinued products, this support section gives you access to all the information you need to get the best out of ILFORD products.

Profiles & Printer settings

ILFORD offer free ICC printer profiles for their inkjet media as well as suggested printer settings for those not using profiles.




Useful guides

With over 130 years of photographic experience, ILFORD know a thing or two about printing. Their in-house imaging experts have pulled together a collection of guides aimed at passing on some of this knowledge.

Support Hints and Tips

See our Hints and Tips for getting the most out of your Ilford products

Product archive

ILFORD continually review their product lineup to ensure each product meets the needs and expectations of their customers, the market and changes in technology. This archive exists to support the customers and dealers that still use, sell and love a previous generation of products.

Album Kit Software

Download our Album kit software.