Jochen Kohl

Since his first step into advertising photography back in 1993, Jochen Kohl has experienced many facets of photography.

Jochen considers himself fortunate to have begun his career working for a studio that was very well-known for clients such as BMW Motorcycle, Manufactum and Philipp Holzmann Architecture. Even today, within the framework of the K2 Studio, well-known customers from the tool industry, architecture and fashion are part of his customer portfolio, starting from capturing the image and ending with final production of catalogues.

Jochen Kohl has always believed a picture really belongs displayed on the wall, a view he has held since his analogue days.  A detailed picture only lives through the size of the printed presentation. To see a print is to truly understand the result of a captured photo. To complete the picture in print is the ultimate satisfaction you can achieve. It is real when it is printed.

ILFORD has long been an integral part of his daily work routine. Jochen’s expertise was demonstrated during the successful world record attempt for ILFORD & Canon in Oberstdorf 2020 – the longest digitally printed photograph print was achieved at 109.04m in length during difficult conditions. Due to his openness to everything and his accumulated wealth of experience, many manufacturers from the photo industry, such as Canon LFP also trust his expertise.

Even with his busy daily routine as a commercial photographer, Jochen has created plugins such as an ILFORD Black and White Presets and a Fine Art Printing tool, both recommended by Adobe, to be used in Photoshop.

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