ILFORD Master Eddie Tapp on Creating a Gallery Quality Print from Capture to Edit to Print

There are a handful of elements, processes and steps to take to create a gallery-quality photographic print. Watch this free hour-long video presentation where we begin to explore the tools, tips and techniques to make sure that your final print is ready for the gallery.

The webinar covers:

  • A photo shoot discussing exposure, colour, mood, lighting and posing using both ambient and studio lights
  • Monitor calibration and profiling including creating a custom profile
  • Image edits techniques and custom camera profiles using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Making the right paper choice for your final print
  • Soft-proofing in both Photoshop and Lightroom 4 along with the effects of different rendering intents and how to make adjustments before printing
  • Print evaluation and its final presentation including mounting and framing.

This overview webinar is the first in a series. In future sessions each step will be explored in more detail so that you can truly master the art of creating a gallery quality print.

How to print like an ILFORD Master

We would like to teach you about our new paper and also give you a chance to ask all the questions you’ve ever had about getting the best prints possible. Joshua M Fischer, ILFORD Product Marketing Manager in the US and an expert on colour management will give a short presentation about the new ILFORD GALERIE Prestige line and delve into the topic of printing like a true ILFORD Master.

Choosing a paper surface for your inkjet prints with Joe Brady

The paper you choose for your fine art photography can have a dramatic effect on the appearance and impact of your image. When you carefully select your paper, you will soon find that the art of printmaking becomes an important part of your creative process. Hosted by Joe Brady, this presentation focussed on the properties and considerations that go into selecting a paper that will enhance the presentation of your photography.

The paper’s weight, brightness and surface texture all have an effect on the appearance of color and tone on finished prints. Perhaps not as obvious, the final presentation of the print, be it framed, mounted, laminated, etc. should also play a big part in your paper choices.

Joe discusses what is available, which qualities to consider when choosing a paper and his own experiences in printing that have renewed his interest in creating finished prints.


What are the aspects and qualities that make for a Gallery-Quality Fine Art Print?

Exacting colour, smooth tonal transitions, a well-balanced contrast range and the best paper choice for the image all come together to make a print worthy of hanging in most any venue or location. Watch the video webinar and see what it takes to make prints that qualify as “Gallery Quality”.

Colour workflow, soft-proofing and what fine edits to make will all go a long way towards making your results both accurate and repeatable. In this presentation, Joe explores the process, tools and techniques from edit to output that allow you to produce a print both you and your customers will be proud of.

Watch the video to find out how to do this for yourself.


In the latest webinar broadcast on May 28th, host Joe Brady showed us how to create and adjust custom paper profiles to achieve gallery quality display prints.

Do your prints have the same drama, color and beauty as the image you see on your monitor? If not, you need to spend some time with us learning about how to create and use custom paper profiles! Sponsored by ILFORD, learn about the tools and techniques to make your prints the best they can be.

In this video Joe explores the how’s and why’s of creating and implementing custom paper profiles so that your printed image has the best accuracy and the greatest impact. For serious art and commercial installations, Joe will also show how you can adjust a custom paper profile to a specific light source so that your image looks great even when illuminated with less than perfect lighting.

With the right tools and a great paper, it’s really not difficult to do, so give your prints the color and tonality they deserve!


If you are interested in producing Fine Art Inkjet Prints and missed the free webinar on the 8th March then please watch host Joe Brady as he introduces the new Fine Art Papers from ILFORD and how to get the best print results possible. Three new paper categories are presented is this line up including 100% Cotton Rag, High Quality Alpha-Cellulose and ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk which was created specifically for black and white printing.

Learn about what properties make each new paper unique and see how to download and implement ILFORD’s free paper profiles for great color accuracy. After installing the profiles, Joe will take you through print settings from both Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 and Lightroom® 4 to ensure consistent and reproducible results.

Products used in this Webinar:

  1. Gold Cotton Smooth
  2. Gold Cotton Textured
  3. Fine Art Smooth
  4. Fine Art Textured
  5. Gold Mono Silk
  6. SoLux MR16 halogen bulb
  7. Photoshop CS6
  8. Lightroom 4

Enjoy and learn from this free webinar sponsored by ILFORD and see how these new papers can add to the beauty and longevity of your Fine Art Prints.